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Why CodeAlphabet?

Coding Problem

Get answers to your Coding Problems.

Enhanced Learning

Enhance your learning experience

How to Code

Learn to code and techniques to create Logical approach to solve a Problem.

Product Customization
Product Customization

Create new features for your existing Product

We are Developers
We are Developers

We are reliable developer to work with your team

We value your Time
We value your Time

Every problems comes with a time deadline and we respect it and follow it.




Minutes of Help




Technologies offered

We work on...

Spring Boot
Machine Learning
Dynamics CRM
ERP Software

And many more

Code Alphabet is for...



Learn and Get answers to your Coding Problems, Assignments

Freelance & Remote

Freelance & Remote

Hire cost effective and efficient developers to your Projects



Enhance your learning experience with Less theoretical and More Practical approach.

Consultants & Enterprise

Consultants & Enterprise

Turn your great idea into an MVP

What we have earned...

How CodeAlphabet Works?

We schedule a online meeting, where Mentor and Mentee can do screen sharing, and Audio/Video conferencing to workout on the Problem and better understanding.

Step 1

Put a request.

Share the details of your problem/project you want help with by simply filling this form here.

Step 2


You can relax now as we are finding the best available mentor for your problem. We respond quickly.

Step 3

Let's meet

You'll receive an email from us with a Private meeting hyperlink, where you'll get to talk to your Mentor about your Problem



Recommended for new users
12. 00 15 minutes
  • Upfront payment for first 15 mins
  • 50% payment after 15 mins and remaining at the end
  • Transaction fee excluded
  • Recommended Payment methods - PayPal, Transferwise and Xoom


Recommended for frequent users
40. 00 Hour
  • Upfront payment for 1 hour at-least
  • Remaining payment right before delivery
  • Transaction fee excluded
  • Recommended Payment methods - PayPal, Transferwise and Xoom

Frequently asked questions

We will try our best to answer all the Questions that our Customers might have in their mind. If your question is not answered in the FAQ, please write us at: helpdesk@codealphabet.com

Our goal is to connect you with an expert as close to instantly as possible. Generally you should expect this to take 30-40 minutes, and sometimes longer or shorter.

Availability of Experts can vary based on time and complexity. We have experts from all around the globe and hence Timezones plays a crucial role. Usually if mentoring is required in IST (GMT +5:30) timezone then it is highly likely to get an expert immediately.

It’s possible that your question requires knowledge that’s too specialized for our experts to answer. During peak hours, it’s also possible that there are too many help requests happening for you to receive help.

No, our experts choose you. Based on your request description a suitable expert will be assigned to you. The experts have pre-agreed to guarantee that you will be happy, so it’s 100% risk free to you.

You can write to us at helpdesk@codealphabet.com regarding what went wrong.

We will do our Investigations and if there's a fault you will not be charged for your previous session. And if paid, the amount will be returned back to your account in 3-5 business days.

Note: We haven't encountered this type of situation before, all are experts are highly Professional.

Before accepting your request/work, we setup a meeting with you in which one of our mentor will discuss the problem with you. And if you both are satisfied only then a request will be carried out.

Refunds will be processed in 3-5 days after we receive the request.

Refunds will only be entertained if they are genuine, a proper Investigation will be carried out before refund.

Note: If this is abused over time, then it may lead to us de-prioritizing your help requests, or in extreme circumstances, disallowing usage of our service.

Currently we are working on 2 pricing models, click here to get the idea of Pricing

We prefer Transferwise and Xoom for payment options, but in some cases when there's an urgency we accept PayPal too. If customer asks to use PayPal then we add 4% additional amount to cope up with the transaction expenses.

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